I was born to a 17 year old teenage mother and was raised as a fatherless child. Living with grandparents until the age of 7, was the only shadow of normalcy that I ever recall. My grandmother passed away and from then on was a life full of chaos, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, poverty, and constant uncertainty. By my early teen years with no guidance or structure I was in rebellion and a real unsafe world of danger. I was looking for love and attention anywhere I could find it.

By 15 I was approached to be a “model” and told how pretty and smart I was. I was offered money and trickery and told I could go far in modeling, and that “Everyone would love me”. All lies of the enemy and a “progression” of things to come… Beauty contests, bikini contests, and finally trafficked through a tanning salon into the world of dancing just out of high school. I was drinking a lot and partying trying to cope with it all. Then I met my first husband, who was a male dancer. I had a baby on the way by age nineteen. By 21 he was gone, leaving me with a 1-year-old baby, as he headed for prison for drug trafficking I continued to dance for a total of seven and a half years throughout the Midwest. My life was empty and full of sadness and low self worth. At 21 years of age I had been through many dark life experiences and had made nothing but poor decisions. I kept working the next 3 years in total survival mode, now a single mother. I felt trapped, in a money trap, with no education, and nowhere to turn. I no longer enjoyed “ the Glamour”, the lights, the parties, and the lies, and especially not the men. I was “Broken”!

Then in January of 1994, I had just turned 24 and something amazing and miraculous happened… Someone invited me to church! The first time I went I was nervous and felt like I didn’t belong… but I felt something. The pastor gave an alter call and I wanted to move, but I listened to the lie of the enemy telling me you can’t change, you have to go to work, you’ve done to much wrong… you’ve been to bad! I came back the following Sunday and felt something again. The strong and awesome presence of the Holy Spirit, rushing like ocean waves, tears were falling and I went straight for the alter! That day I gave my life to Jesus Christ at Sheffield Family Life Center in Kansas City under the ministry of Dr. George Westlake Jr., the most awesome man of God I have ever known. My life has never been the same! Jesus completely delivered me from a lifestyle of deception and saved me from myself! I was transformed into a new creation in Christ.


Since then, I have never looked back or had any desire to! I have been born again and walking with God for almost 20 years now! All Glory and Honor To Him! God has blessed me beyond measure and poured out favor over my life. I went back to college and received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and my RN licensure. He gave me a Christian husband, whose life has been very opposite of mine! We’ve been married for 17 years now with a blended family of four children together. My husband Rocky, had served as youth pastor and as a board member at our church for several years. I know and understand what it is like to live in the “dark world” and in the “church world”. I have thought of starting a ministry such as this for many (19) years! There has been one problem… All this time, born again, saved pastor/ board members wife, Christian woman yet still not free of the fear of judgment of people “Inside the church”! This kept me quiet as I also wanted to protect my husband and children. However the thoughts to help other women trapped in this industry had never left my mind.

Then to my dismay God…….began to speak to my heart about giving and sowing seed. I had never really given beyond our tithe. I began to feel impressed to sow a $1,000 seed into a ministry. This feeling lingered for months. Then in 2010 I had visited a church out of state and began researching them on the Internet. I learned that they had a successful ministry for women just as I had on my heart for years… I knew to plant the seed in this ministry! Next I found out the original pioneering ministry was available to donate to as well and I felt God led to plant a second $1,000 seed. The next thing I knew I was on an airplane flying 1500 plus miles away to California and then Las Vegas to learn and prepare for the calling and new journey in my life. Since then I’ve experienced God’s direction, dreams, visions, and sensed of His presence stronger in my life. I believe He gives Seed to the Sower and works all things together for good for those who love Him. I feel that its time that I give back and share with women the greatness of God and plant seeds that they may discover a new relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior – The Father to the Fatherless. I am also prayerfully seeking direction as I have been in the very early stages of writing a memoire. As this is very difficult for me to expose my life, I pray that this ministry may be received with Honor, Character, Class, and Integrity. In the spirit in which it is intended, to reach out to the lost and the hurting and offer Hope in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In His service,

P.S. I believe God clearly directed me to the book “Lioness Arising” by Lisa Bevere. It has awakened me and challenged me and given the “Power Boost” to drive this ministry. I highly suggest to all ladies to read and process the amazing imagery and message put forth in it! You will be glad you did!

Rocky: Graduate of Central Bible College, B.A. Bible & Theology


Dana: Graduate of Graceland University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, R.N.

Licensed and ordained minister through World Harvest Church and member of WHC Ministerial Alliance