The Full Armor of God

Fashioned with our “blingy” Belts of the proclamation of Truth in our majestic and powerful roar. Carrying the armor on our chest of Courage to make a difference for Righteousness. With fierce yet gentle velvet paws we extend greetings of Peace and Love. We are covered by our Shield, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah ~Jesus Christ. On our heads the Helmet of beautifully groomed manes of Salvation showcasing familiarity, acceptance and approval. We deliver by the Sword of the Spirit our pink bibles and devotionals which contain the Word of the Most High God King Jesus. We are being released from captivity and into the Wild. We are stepping out from behind the enclosure of safety, the comfort zone, out into the real world to touch real lives of real women.


We are dangerously awake and aware of our surroundings. We are entering into 20 strip clubs in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan areas throughout Missouri and Kansas as well as San Diego and Oceanside California. (We will also be attentive to sex trafficking prevention and intervention resources.) As we walk with fierce prowess, hunting in the dark for our sisters. We are sharing unconditional love to women who are or have been in the sex industry.


My hope is to share the Ultimate Love of Jesus Christ and plant a seed that they will come to discover a personal relationship and know Him as Savior, just as I did 20 years ago in January of 1994. He Alone has all power to transform hearts and lives. We are searching for His True Beauty Queens, Princesses, and Daughters of His Majesty ~Jesus Christ. With the power of the Holy Spirit, keen senses, and night vision ~May we find them! As dawn is surely coming, we end our hunt, leaving them an open invitation to visit our WELCOMING churches. The invitation reads “We love you, come just as you are…Daughters of the King!

Progression of Lies

Modeling, Beauty Contests,

Bikini Contests, and Dancing

  • “Miss Budweiser” $1000 Winning 1989 – KC CLUB Contest
  • “Miss Fox” – KCI Raceway 1987-88
  • “Miss English Leather” – KCI Raceway
  • Las Vegas Competition 1987/88
  • Dream Girls Calender Contest
  • Miss Tropicana contestant KC
  • Elite Ladies Entertainment
  • Dancing through out the Midwest
  • Before we judge others we must know…That it is true that there is always a “Why behind the What”!
  • You cannot choose your parents
  • You cannot choose or control your childhood environment
  • You cannot choose the economic STATUS of your childhood
  • When Adults make decisions for children that change who they are, a child is powerless to those decisions.
  • If you were standing in the midst of a burning building…there’s a great chance you would Jump for Survival! I DID just that!

Revelation of Truth

Value, Love, Purposed, Beautiful

Redeemed – January 1994

  • I am not proud of my former life style and choices. For many years I figured it was better off buried and dead. I would have to believe that there may have been times that Paul the Apostle had regret of his former life as Saul of Taurses – murderer of Christians….but God certainly used His journey as a great example! These transformations shine with GOD-Wonder and Amazement! I only know that my broken humanity brought me to an astonishing revelation of a relationship with Jesus Christ and, restored my life, broke generational bondages, and has caused me to rise up and live as a strong woman of Faith. For this, I am Forever Thankful.
  • Jeremiah 29.11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.