One Life Transformed

Progression of Lies

Modeling, Beauty Contests,

Bikini Contests, and Dancing

Revelation of Truth

Value, Love, Purposed, Beautiful

Redeemed – January 1994

  • “Miss Budweiser” $1000 Winning 1989 – KC CLUB Contest
  • “Miss Fox” – KCI Raceway 1987-88
  • “Miss English Leather” – KCI Raceway
  • Las Vegas Competition 1987/88
  • Dream Girls Calender Contest
  • Miss Tropicana contestant KC
  • Elite Ladies Entertainment
  • Dancing through out the Midwest
  • Before we judge others we must know…That it is true that there is always a “Why behind the What”!
  • You cannot choose your parents
  • You cannot choose or control your childhood environment
  • You cannot choose the economic STATUS of your childhood
  • When Adults make decisions for children that change who they are, a child is powerless to those decisions.
  • If you were standing in the midst of a burning building…there’s a great chance you would Jump for Survival! I DID just that!
  • I am not proud of my former life style and choices. For many years I figured it was better off buried and dead. I would have to believe that there may have been times that Paul the Apostle had regret of his former life as Saul of Taurses – murderer of Christians….but God certainly used His journey as a great example! These transformations shine with GOD-Wonder and Amazement! I only know that my broken humanity brought me to an astonishing revelation of a relationship with Jesus Christ and, restored my life, broke generational bondages, and has caused me to rise up and live as a strong woman of Faith. For this, I am Forever Thankful.
  • Jeremiah 29.11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.